A solid reputation in Knokke-Heist

Take a seat in a legendary
piece of history.

Brasserie Rubens has been an established name for years in Knokke and is synonymous with Knokke’s spirit of joie de vivre. Knokke locals, day-trippers and people with second homes have been enjoying the unique atmosphere and setting here for almost 100 years. It’s no wonder that the adjacent square was named after the brasserie.

Over the years, the “Rubens” has had a handful of owners who have all left their own mark on the building. In the early 1990s, various property developers set their sights on the elegant building, but it was saved by the Vandeperre family, its current owners, who restored Brasserie Rubens to all its glory.

Today you can enjoy a full dinner, a refreshing drink on the terrace, or a delicious pancake with a cup of coffee at Brasserie Rubens. You can enjoy these every single day of the year. The team welcomes you with classic Belgian cuisine, supplemented with seasonal suggestions. Everything here is fresh. The shrimp croquettes are hand-rolled each day and all of the sauces are made in house.

Immerse yourself in the convivial atmosphere of this lively brasserie and enjoy the traditional dishes that are served here with the requisite flair.



    Hotel/restaurant Rubens welcomes its first guests.

    The very first hotel in Knokke with hot running water, which attracted many British tourists trying their luck in the casino.


    The entire building was occupied during World War Two.


    Extensive renovation was required.

    After the war, the “Rubens” was rebuilt, and the hotel rooms made way for flats. However, the tavern on the ground floor remained in place.


    The owners give the Rubens a very modern look.


    The Vandeperre family takes over the business and restores it to its former appearance.

    The interior regains the charming grandeur of a lively bistro.


    Large covered terrace allows guests to enjoy the sun and the sea view throughout the year.


    The facade is given protected status as a cultural heritage.


    The youngest generation of the Vandeperre family enthusiastically takes over the reins.